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Floorguard HyperCURE Concrete Repair Kit

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Our HyperCURE Concrete Repair kits offer you a quick and easy way to repair crack, divots, and joints. These fast-curing, 100% solids gel kits are made with our HyperFLEX, flexible epoxy resin, which offers a 150% elongation flexibility rating. HyperCURE will stretch 1 ½ times the thickness you put it down at and retract to its original state, helping to prevent movement in the concrete from causing the system to crack as time passes. With a simple 1:1 ratio, these 2-Quart gel kits are ready to be mixed and troweled without having to waste time using messy fumed silica. HyperCURE will be be cured in about 20 minutes (based on 70)°. If another Floorguard Products 100% solids epoxy is being installed over HyperCURE and no sanding is needed, the epoxy can be immediately put down. HyperCURE is the crack repair kit every installer wants on their job!
  • Fast-curing concrete repair kit
  • 100% solids
  • Cures in 10-15 minutes
  • 1:1 ratio
  • (1) quart of thickened Part A / (1) quart of liquid part B
  • Sold in ½ gallon (2 quart) kits
  • Approximately 307 lineal feet @ 1/8” X 1/8”