Epoxy Floor Coatings, 100% Epoxy

Epoxy covered floors add a level of sophistication and aesthetic-pleasing design to concrete floors. In most cases, the application of an epoxy floor can lift the overall value of a home or business. Epoxy Floor Supply Company epoxies simply bring out the best in every floor!

For the best epoxy floor coating system, avoid the water-based products found at most Big-Box retailers. Instead use our 100% solid epoxy coatings for longevity and unbeatable strength and resilience.

Are you looking for epoxy floor coatings that are long-lasting, durable and easy to apply?

Our Floorguard epoxy products have 30+ years of epoxy floor coating experience and are an industry standard!

Below, you will find the epoxy floor covering products that are used by industry-leading professionals. If you're local in the Fort Myers area, 100% epoxies can be picked up at our facility. Call in advance to check: 888.713.3002

Why You Should Use a Professional Epoxy Floor Coating System

Because epoxy floors are basically impenetrable, applying a 100% epoxy coating to concrete surfaces carries many beneficial attributes. The top reasons you want to epoxy coat concrete structures are the following:

- UV protection and can prevent concrete from getting scalding hot
- Prevents concrete from deteriorating over time from weather elements and heavy traffic
- Epoxy prevents water from seeping into concrete and cracking it during cold/warm temps
- Protects foundations and submerged walls from water penetration
- Reduces humidity issues
- Adds value to your home or business instantly (Epoxy floors just look awesome!)
- When it comes to easy maintenance, epoxy floor coatings clean up in a snap
- Protects your floor from harsh chemicals and oils and prevents staining

Due to the versatility and appealing nature of epoxy, there are many application ideas for both residential and commercial uses.


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