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Epoxy Floor Supply Company is a family-owned business dedicated to our customers. Our epoxy products simply bring out the best in every floor! Whether for commerical applications or for residential DIY epoxy projects, the top epoxy flooring professionals around the country count on the 30+ years of our Floorguard epoxy flooring epoxies, coatings, pigments and paints. Floorguard epoxies are an industry standard and are 100% epoxy.

We ship throughout the U.S., but if you're local in the Fort Myers area, you can pick up our Floorguard epoxies and other epoxy flooring matierals at our facility. Call in advance to confirm: 888.713.3002

Floorguard Floor Coatings - Long-Lasting, Superb Bond, UV Resistant - Industry leading products for Jacksonville Epoxy Floors!

Backed by 30+ years of flooring experience, our Floorguard products are perfect for your epoxy flooring needs. Commercial contractors and residential DIYers depend on Floorguard’s durability and high reputation in the flooring industry.

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We are proud to be a top epoxy flooring supplier to the experts in the commercial epoxy industry. Offering the highest-quality products, we take great pride in helping you achieve the desired epoxy flooring outcome you desire.

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Looking for a Reputable Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring Supplier?

Look no further than Epoxy Floor Supply Company. We stand behind the Floorguard name with 30+ years of industry experience behind 1,000's of epoxy floors. Experience quality epoxy floor coating products that have stood the test of time and are backed by an industry leader.

Epoxies and synthetic resins come in many product selections. But be careful, not all epoxies are the same. In the epoxy supply industry, you truly get what you pay for. So for those of you looking to buy cheap epoxy, fight the urge to do so. From experience, lower-priced epoxies can be inferior and low-grade meaning the output of a quality epoxy floor is greatly deminished. Cheaper epoxy products most often are not crystal clear, but produce a yellowish tint that gets worse with time. Also, cheaper epoxies produce harmful vapors or contain health-impacting solvents that not only affect you, but can degrade the final outcome with substandard curing. Given the amount of time and effort involved in creating an epoxy flooring system, it's best to purchase higher-quality epoxy materials, like Floorguard, to ensure an incredibly beautiful floor.

You have a dedicated team standing behind you offering you guidance in the correct choice of epoxy flooring finishes. Epoxy Floor Supply Company is recognized by repeat service through our commercial customers and DIY residential community. Providing years of solid success supplying the epoxy flooring needs of our customers, we just love focusing on the needs of flooring contractors and epoxy-garage-floor enthusiasts.

You can stand assured that you are getting the best in floor coatings from an epoxy supplier who knows how to deliver top quality. Floorguard epoxies bond excellent, won't bubble up on you and prevent discoloring. Regarding the application itself, nothing beats Floorguard for its workability and easy application. For commercial contractors, this is time savings you can count on!

We ship throughout the U.S., but if you're local in the Fort Myers area, you can pick up our Floorguard epoxies and other epoxy flooring matierals at our facility. Call in advance to confirm: 888.713.3002

We stand behind our products and service. Period. We believe that our clients' satisfaction is superior and truly indicates a bench mark of success. Here at Epoxy Floor Supply Company, we've established trusted relationships with commercial flooring contractors throughout the United States. We've built a solid reputation in the "Jacksonville epoxy supplier" industry, and we look forward to building a solid relationship with you wherever you are.

It's this commitment, combined with our guiding principles below, that make us a top epoxy floor supplier in Jacksonville and beyond.

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    Top Quality

    We only provide top-quality epoxy flooring supplies that are proven and used by many industry professionals

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    Industry Experienced

    30+ years of commercial epoxy flooring industry experience stands behind Floorguard epoxy products

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    Competitive Pricing

    As a family based business, we understand that quality of product and service is matched with fair and honest pricing


    As your epoxy flooring supplier, you come first. Commercial or residentials customers deserve the best in service and supplies

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    We understand the demands of commercial epoxy flooring professionals and will do our best to service your epoxy supply needs

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    When ordering epoxy flooring supplies, our clear and upfront communication gives you peace of mind all the time

Epoxy Flooring Supplies Jacksonville - Your Source For Commercial Epoxy Flooring and Garage Floor Epoxy Coatings

Many satisfied customers in Jacksonville and around the United States depend on Epoxy Floor Supply Company for their commercial and garage floor surfacing needs. Hands down, epoxy covered floors add a level of sophistication and aesthetic-pleasing design to concrete floors. In most cases, the application of an epoxy floor can lift the overall value of a home or business. Epoxy Floor Supply Company epoxies simply bring out the best in every floor! You want a beautiful, durable floor covering that will last years.

Professional looking epoxy floors add tremendous value to commercial properties and beautify garage floors with long-lasting protection. With so many custom epoxy floor coating options to choose, your floor epoxy design can be anything you want from many floor coating options that include metallic paints and pigments and flakes.

As your professional epoxy floor supplier, we couldn't be more grateful to service your epoxy needs and to earn your business. Find out more about our products and how we can help you achieve the perfect epoxy floor by contacting us today. Thank you!


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