Epoxy Flooring Color, Floor Paints

If you want a floor system that is easy to clean and practically maintenance free, having an epoxy floor system is the way to go. For business and home, there are so many epoxy colors and flake styles from which to choose!

Epoxy Flooring Color Pattern Options:
- Crushed granite epoxy flakes in various colors
- Black epoxy (elegance never looked so good!)
- Metallic epoxy colors that WOW any floor

Are you looking for epoxy floor coatings that are long-lasting, durable and easy to apply?
Check out our line of Floorguard epoxy floor flakes and color options below.

Our Floorguard epoxy products have 30+ years of epoxy floor coating experience and are an industry standard for commercial and residential applications!

Our Floorguard epoxy products are used by industry-leading professionals and DIYers. If you're local in the Fort Myers area, epoxy flooring colors and flakes can be picked up at our facility. Call to check: 888.713.3002!

Epoxy Flooring Solutions for Commercial Floors

Commercial and industrial floors take on a ton of abuse from heavy foot traffic, machinery, and abrasions. Your business flooring needs the durable and long-lasting protection that our Floorguard products deliver.

When it comes to your floor design, trust the industry-leading epoxy products and create a bold, beautiful statement that your visitors and guests will gush over. If you have questions or need epoxy flooring color design options, call us at 888.713.3002. Happy to help!

Epoxy Garage Floor Color and Flake Benefits

Tired of looking at your sad garage floor (pun intended)? We understand.

Home garages suffer the same abuse with constant foot and car traffic. Why not protect your garage concrete with a durable, long-lasting epoxy finish?

Epoxy coatings seal your garage concrete from moisture, oils and chemicals. And with so many epoxy floor colors and patterns to choose from, entering your garage can be a more positive and brighter experience...sure to bring a smile to your face.

The Bottom Line

Epoxy floor systems come in a variety of finishes and colors to meet all types of design and application needs. What’s great about having an epoxy floor is the increased value it gives your business or home.

Contact us today! It's simple and easy to get started. We’ll answer your questions and help guide you toward the best epoxy floor solution.


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