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Floor Guard Aspartic 85 Slow Go® - 15 Gallon Kit

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 Aspartic 100 Slow Go - 3 Gallon Kit

Aspartic 100 Slow Go is a two component, 100% solids polyaspartic. The outstanding feature of this product is its exceptional 20-30 minutes of working time, and because there are no solvents, it has very little odor and can be used in indoor settings. Aspartic 100 Slow Go has superior chemical resistance, hardness, abrasion resistance and UV stability. It is recommended for areas where a high build broadcasted floor is desired and installation downtime is very limited. This product is incredibly flexible and self-leveling. Available in clear or can be pigmented in 14 colors. Sold in 3-gallon + 15-gallon kits with a 2:1 mixing ratio.