Top 3 Epoxy Flooring Concerns YOU MUST (and can) Avoid: Part 3: Hazing and Dulling of Epoxy Floor

Top 3 Epoxy Flooring Concerns YOU MUST (and can) Avoid: Part 3: Hazing and Dulling of Epoxy Floor

…and the tips and tricks to steer clear of these common epoxy flooring mistakes. Even one avoidable mistake can save you thousands in re-dos and repairs and hours of time.


Epoxy Floor and Hazing Concern

Achieving a beautiful glossy shine and finish is the goal and best outcome for the perfect epoxy floor. Sometimes though, after the curing process, hazing and dulling can appear that can make one scratch their head in bemused frustration. 

Epoxy Floor Supply Company knows a thing or two about epoxy floor coatings and obtaining the most beautiful epoxy flooring outcomes. We supply the industry’s top epoxy professionals and commercial installers, and being a top supplier over the years, we get to learn best practices and share our epoxy flooring wisdom.

First Big Reason Epoxy Floors Become Hazy and Dull

There are primarily two big reasons epoxy floors become hazy and dull - top coat thickness and moisture. Regarding top coats, they should be applied in very thin layers. Having a top coat that is too thick will result in hazing and discoloration. For appropriate mil thickness, always review and adhere to the product data sheet for best results. 


Second Big Reason Epoxy Floors Become Hazy and Dull

Moisture is another primary downfall of epoxy floors that can leave them looking dull. The level of humidity in the air, as well as the amount of moisture in the concrete/substrate can result in a milky or greasy film on your epoxy floor. To minimize moisture effects, apply epoxy floor coatings when humidity levels are below 85%. For the perfect epoxy cure cycle, humidity levels should be between 50-60% with temperatures between 70-80 degrees fahrenheit.


Epoxy Flooring Pro Tips:

Maintain a glossy floor and reduce dulling by thoroughly cleaning it to remove residues and cloudiness. For top coats, use a high-quality polyaspartic top coat like Polyaspartic SloGo 85 or Floorguard HyperREZ UV® and apply in thin layers. For substrate moisture testing, calcium chloride kits are very handy. 

The Best in Customer Support for Your Epoxy Flooring Needs

Epoxy Floor Supply Company is committed to offering the highest-quality epoxy flooring products for commercial and residential epoxy flooring projects. 

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