The Benefits of Polyaspartic Coating for Concrete Structures and Floors

The Benefits of Polyaspartic Coating for Concrete Structures and Floors

An epoxy surface coating, specifically polyaspartic, protects and strengthens surfaces, making it one of the most widely used industrial finishes. These are a special type of epoxy coating, most commonly used for commercial warehouse flooring, residential garage flooring, hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, and the coating of concrete structures. It is the go-to flooring solution for so many commercial applications because it is highly durable, sustainable, and customizable - making it a great choice for areas with high foot traffic.

What is Polyaspartic?

Polyaspartic floor coatings are typically two-part systems that consist of a resin and a catalyst to facilitate the curing process. Created about 20 years ago to protect steel from corrosion, polyaspartic coatings are now mainly used to safeguard and protect commercial facilities’ concrete slabs and surfaces from the daily challenges of spills, chemicals, and general wear and tear. Modern polyaspartic formulas are used as a sought-after alternative to polyurethane coatings. It is designed specifically to be hard enough to resist scratches, yet flexible enough to absorb moderate impacts.

It is important to note that the application of this type of epoxy coating is not limited to concrete flooring, but can also be used for concrete structures exposed to the weather and elements. Anything that would benefit from a protective barrier will be better protected with a coating. High quality polyaspartic does not outgas after installation and because polyaspartic coatings have low to zero volatile organic compounds (VOC), facilities need not worry that their floor renovation will degrade indoor air quality. The easy application process of the product and a very fast curing time make this low-odor product superior to polyurethane coating.

6 Reasons to Choose Polyaspartic
A few of the key benefits of selecting a polyaspartic coating include the fact that it is:

#1 Quick and Easy to Install

Installation and application of polyaspartic coatings is quick and safe, and has a application temperature range of 30-90°F. Polyaspartic coatings are very low odor and the installation makes minimal disturbance to a company’s daily routine, thanks to the quick cure time of the coating. In fact, light foot traffic is allowed after 10 to 14 hours and full cure (heavy traffic) can resume in as little as 24 to 48 hours.

#2 Water Resistant

Epoxy coatings protect concrete from deterioration and corrosion. The epoxy coating bonds with the concrete to create a protective, sealed barrier that prevents water and humidity from breaching and causing the concrete to crack and degrade. This non-porous and non-absorbent coating bonds to the surface and resists mold, mildew, and bacteria growth. Southwest

Florida weather can be unpredictable at times, a truth we all know far too well. With our polyaspartic epoxy coating, this won’t be a worry because your concrete structures and flooring will have long lasting protection from the elements.

#3 UV Resistant

If it’s not raining, it’s sunny, making our harsh Florida sunlight yet another factor to consider. UV rays can break down polyurethane based epoxy coatings over time, gradually fading or yellowing in color - serving to diminish their overall appearance. Our polyaspartic epoxy coatings are UV stable, and will not tint, yellow, amber, or chalk when exposed to sunlight. It will maintain its original gloss appearance. Even when the sun is scorching, these coatings do not give off harmful gasses. The UV stability of these compounds make them a great choice for both internal or external use.

#4 Extremely Durable

Polyaspartic epoxy coatings are extremely durable. It is scuff, scratch, and chip
resistant. While maintaining surface integrity, they offer superior protection against harsh chemicals including gas, oil, and salt. Even hot tires will not leave indelible marks on the surface. These coatings seal the pores of the concrete and prevent the seepage of liquids. These high durability coatings dry hard, but maintain some flexibility. This makes it a great choice for warehouses, shops, hospitals, laboratories, chemical factories, and garages.

#5 Slip Resistant

Polyaspartic coatings are less slick than polyurethane-based epoxy coatings. Polyurethane-based epoxy coatings are almost glass-like when dried and can become very slippery, especially when wet. This can lead to trouble in a commercial setting. Polyaspartic coatings, on the other hand, are made to grip when dry, and can be customized to provide superior slip resistance. A flake system can be added to add texture to the flooring system and to increase the slip resistance properties of the floor overall.

#6 Appearance

With our polyaspartic coating, you don’t have to choose between function and aesthetics! Our epoxy coatings and flooring systems can be uniquely customized with different pigment colors and flaking systems to add that “wow” factor to any floor or concrete surface.

Commercial floors take on a ton of abuse from heavy foot traffic, machinery, and abrasions. Your business needs the durable and long-lasting protection that our polyaspartic coating

products deliver. For additional information about our products or how to customize your flooring to meet your exact needs, contact us via our website or call us at 1-888-713-3002.