How to Install and Maintain a Metallic Epoxy Floor For Your Office

How to Install and Maintain a Metallic Epoxy Floor For Your Office

Metallic Epoxy Floors - Wow What A Floor! to do it

Metallic epoxy coating is becoming a popular option for flooring in many homes. This type of flooring utilizes solid epoxy with metallic-glitter like particles embedded in it. The glitters are properly mixed and applied as finishing to create a unique and eye-catching 3D effect and shimmering swirls throughout the flooring.

The Epoxy Floor Supply Company supplies all types of epoxy coatings for commercial and residential application. Nothing beats the appealing effect that comes with metallic epoxy coatings.

If you need a metallic epoxy coating feel free to contact us. We have done metallic epoxy coating for many homes and businesses. Below are the steps involved when applying metallic epoxy on floors.

Everything You Need to Know About Applying Metallic Epoxy Floors

Step 1: Get your materials ready

To successfully install metallic epoxy flooring, make sure you have all the tools and equipment ready for installation. You will need some prep tools, mixing tools, and installation tools like roller cages, trowels, gauge rake, and roller covers.

Step 2: Clean up and grind the concrete flooring

Your floor needs to be as flat but rough as to ensure the epoxy coating will stick later on. Consequently, you need to clean the floor. Pressure washes any debris and other stubborn grease. Grind the floor to roughen the surface and vacuum to remove small particles and other dust from going between the floor and the epoxy coating. Once you feel that the surface attains the necessary profile, vacuum it to remove dust particles.

Step 3: Install Concrete Moisture Barrier

Moisture barrier prevents build-up of excess moisture between the concrete and your epoxy coating. Follow instructions to effectively mix the barrier and apply it on the floor as evenly as possible. Once done, clean it using a microfiber mop and acetone. Always use protective gear to prevent touching the chemicals.

Step 4: Mix the Metallic Epoxy

Mix Part A and B epoxy with the metallic pigment making sure there is no lump formation. As mentioned earlier, it’s great to have as many pigments as you have and then sift it through a strainer to eliminate possible crumbs from the mixture. Then apply the metallic coat to the base coat.  To accentuate your flooring, just add different metallic epoxy colors to the coat and adjust accordingly.

Step 5: Apply the topcoat

The topcoat is vital for overall protection of the floor from cracking and scratches. There are many materials you can use for topcoat such as high-quality wax, which helps maintain gloss and beauty of the floor for years to come.

Easy Maintenance Tips for Metallic Epoxy

Epoxy floor systems are a great option for modern homes and business but like all types of flooring, it needs regular maintenance to keep its value for a long time. The following are some tips on how to maintain metallic epoxy.

Sweep or Mop

Keep dirt and debris off by sweeping the floor regularly. You can also use commercial dust mop to remove dust, wood shavings, and other trash that mess up the floor.  Areas with less traffic like your bedroom or living room can do alright with sweeping.

Conversely, you can also mop with a bit of dish soap and water. Just add about 1/3 cup of dish soap to a bucket of water and then dip your mop in it before running it through the floor. Avoid using soap-based floor cleaners because they will cause a haze on the epoxy flooring.

Remove Stains Immediately

Don’t ignore minor stains on your floor as they could eventually dry off and become permanent. Large stains can be removed by mixing up a solution of 4 ounces of ammonia per gallon of water. Dip the mop into the solution and run it through the floor. This solution is effective in removing stains that are not easily removed by simple soap and water.

Clean Minor Spills

Minor spills should also be cleaned right away with cloth or paper towel before they could stain your floor. Spills from oils and other condiments can also be wiped using microfiber clothing. The following are just a few things you should remember when cleaning your floor.

  • Don’t use acid-based cleaners like citrus or vinegar
  • Stay away from abrasive cleaners like Ajax or Comet
  • Use pads under motorcycle jacks or welding pads when appropriate
  • Remove hazy films using hot water and a deck brush


As you can see, epoxy flooring is very easy to maintain. Follow these regular maintenance tips so you can keep your epoxy flooring look great through ages. If you have any questions about metallic epoxy installation you may contact (888) 713-3002.